First Time Dentures?

This involves the removal of all natural teeth and insertion of a denture at the same visit. The advantage is that you avoid any period without teeth. Before your teeth are removed a number of appointments are necessary to plan and prepare the denture at the laboratory.

Complete Dentures

If you are missing all of your teeth on the upper or lower jaw, an dare looking to restore your smile and quality of life at an affordable cost, then a complete denture system may be right for you.

Partial Dentures

YYC Denture Clinic specializes in partial dentures at affordable prices our patients love. If you have one or more missing teeth and are looking for the best solution for restoring your teeth, smile and quality of life, then a partial denture may be right for you.

Relines & Repairs

All denture relines and repairs are completed at our on-site lab so that services are expedited. If your dentures are loose, you may need to get them relined. If you have a cracked or broken denture, or are missing teeth in your denture then you may need a repair. Same-day services for denture relines and repairs are available.


If you are experiencing discomfort with your denture, then you may require a denture adjustment. Oftentimes it takes a while to adapt to the feeling of dentures in your mouth and adjustments can be made to make your dentures fit better.

Implant Dentures

Is the ultimate denture solution for missing teeth, and will allow you to eat, speak, smile and live with absolute confidence. A jaw without teeth can be restored with either a fixed solution or a fixed removable solution.

Your Smile Is Our Guarantee

Creating smiles is an artistry we take to heart, meticulously handcrafting personalized dentures that blend comfort with a naturally stunning appearance.

Our team at YYC Dentures comprises skilled denturists: our specialists are experts in the craft of fashioning and fitting prosthetic teeth thanks to years of dedicated training. Whether it’s a complete set or a partial solution, each denture is a unique creation tailored exclusively for you, ensuring you can confidently showcase your smile all day long.

Embodied in our mission is the essence of our purpose, guiding every action and initiative we undertake. Our vision propels us toward a future where we play a pivotal role in defining smiles. Rooted in a set of values, we hold steadfast beliefs that shape our conduct, enabling us to fulfill our mission and bring our vision to life.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, reflected in the meticulous care we infuse into every denture. At YYC Denture Clinic, we pride ourselves on sending every patient home with a smile that radiates confidence.

As licensed Denturists, we’re driven to deliver top-notch denture care and design. Through continuous research and the adoption of cutting-edge procedures and technologies, we strive to set new standards in the field, ensuring our patients receive the very best.

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4 layer crosslinked acrylic tooth
4 layer nano hybrid composite tooth
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Conventional heat cure acrylic
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SR ivocap Hi impact injection acrylic
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Custom detailing
Custom detailing & multi gum
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3D printed take home trial
3D printed take home trial
3-4 visits
5-6 visits
5-6 visits
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1 year
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At YYC Denture Clinic we offer several types of complete dentures & implant options, each with its own advantages and special qualities. Smile transformations should be within everyone’s reach. To learn more about each style, click the button below, or give us a call at (403) 475-3330, we’d love to hear from you! We also offer free consultations, if you have questions about a specific option.

Before & After

Enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations. Our before & after photos include various treatments including: complete dentures, partial dentures, implants, relines & repairs.
Before & After Treatment at YYC Denture 1 Before & After Treatment at YYC Denture 2

How It Works Steps

How it works

We create beautiful smiles by handcrafting custom dentures for a complete fit and natural look. Our Denturists are denture specialists who have mastered the art of crafting and fitting prosthetics through many years of training. Each denture, whether complete, partial, or a denture implant, is one of a kind and made just for you, so you can smile confidently all day.

Our easy 4-step denture treatment process allows patients to gain a better understanding of what they can expect once they enter the denture clinic and begin their treatment. At YYC Denture Clinic we are committed to the highest level of denture care. Patient satisfaction is of outmost importance to us, and we want to ensure every person leaves our office smiling.

Free Denture Consultation

Free Denture Consultation

Our initial denture consultations are always free. If you have questions or need denture advise, we are here for you. Schedule your consultation today and transform your smile. 1

Oral Health Exam

Oral Health Exam

Our Denturist will perform an oral health examination to determine what denture treatment is best for you. If you are ready to proceed, impressions will be taken and the denture fabrication will begin. 2

Denture Treatment

Denture Treatment

All dentures are handcrafted in our in-house lab, allowing us to expedite services. Several appointments will be required for the fabrication of a new denture, including: impressions, bite, try-in, and the final insert appointment. 3

Ongoing Denture Care

Ongoing Denture Care

Regular visits for checkups are essential to ensure your mouth is kept healthy. Visits for existing patients are always complementary. We love our patients and are always happy to see them. 4


My dentures completely changed my appearance, and I feel so much more confident now! I can say without hesitation that YYC Denture Clinic provides the best denture care. Highly recommended!

John H.

A thoroughly professional experience from start to finish. I was given all the treatment options and all the different types of payment options were explained to me.


Hands down best specialist in the field! Fantastic Denturist, friendly, professional and accurate. It has been a pleasure ever since the first appointment. Thank you very much for my new set of dentures! Truly remarkable.

Shelly B

I almost never smiled, and was always embarrassed of my teeth. Everyone at YYC Denture Clinic is simply amazing and I cannot say enough good things about their service. They gave me a beautiful smile!

Jennifer W

Our previous denture lady was nowhere to be found so we called YYC Denture Clinic. They made it so easy and explained the process from start to finish. They were always on time and very professional.

David R.

I am beyond impressed and satisfied with the services provided by YYC Denture Clinic! The results speak for themselves. My mother has not stopped smiling about her new set of dentures!

Michelle L.


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