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Tooth to tooth warranty
Every one of our dentures is made using the highest quality materials, and superior craftsmanship. Our molar to molar warranty ensures that each patient leaves our office with no worries. If a denture cracks, breaks, or a tooth is lost due to a fabrication flaw, we will repair it for free. No questions asked.

Denture Relines & Repairs in Calgary

Dentures Repairs


YYC Denture Clinic provides all denture services including denture repairs. We repair all kinds of dentures, whether partial or complete. If you are unsure which type of denture service you need, please contact us directly and we can schedule a free consultation at our denture clinic. Many of our denture services, such as relines and adjustments, can be completed same day.

Do I need a denture repair

If your denture broke or a piece cracked or snapped, you may need a denture repair. Do not try to repair the denture yourself as this may cause more damage. The denturist will examine the denture and determine the extent of repair required. Not all dentures can be repaired if the wear is considerable, and a repaired denture should typically only be used as a back-up denture. We always recommend you come in to inspect your dentures every few years.

For most denture repairs, we offer same day denture repair services so you can get back to normal and feel confident with your smile. You can rely on us to fix your dentures the same day, money back guaranteed.

Call or visit our clinic for a free consultation?

YYC Denture Clinic specializes in denture relines, repairs and adjustments. For a free consultation, simply call us today to schedule your appointment.