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Tooth to tooth warranty
Every one of our dentures is made using the highest quality materials, and superior craftsmanship. Our molar to molar warranty ensures that each patient leaves our office with no worries. If a denture cracks, breaks, or a tooth is lost due to a fabrication flaw, we will repair it for free. No questions asked.

Denture Adjustments Calgary

Denture Adjustment Process

Denture Adjustment Process

We perform denture adjustment on our patients if they are experiencing discomfort. Oftentimes it takes a while to adapt to the feeling of dentures in your mouth and adjustments can be made to make your dentures fit better.

Adjustments to new dentures

If you have recently been fit for your first set of dentures, you will need time to adapt to them. Each person’s mouth is different which is why there is no one-size-fits-all model for dentures. We fit dentures to the exact specifications of your mouth to ensure they conform to the grooves and contours within. Nevertheless, adjustments may still need to be made to your dentures, which can only be done after the dentures are inserted. Certain areas of our mouths are able to withstand the slight pressure of the denture base while others have a harder time. Adjustments are done on new dentures to make sure that they fit properly in your mouth and you do not experience discomfort when wearing them.

Adjustments to older dentures

Our mouths change over time. The ridges of our gums can recede and our bones may shrink. These changes affect how our dentures fit, leading them to require adjustments. If your dentures don’t fit correctly, you could suffer from sores and infections. Food particles can also get stuck in loose dentures and bacteria can build up causing gum disease. Wear and tear is also something to think about with older dentures. Everyday activities like chewing can wear your dentures down. However, adjustments can be made to take care of any wear your dentures have experienced.

Can adjustments be done on the spot?

Depending on the severity of the adjustments, we may need to return to our lab to perform the adjustments there. If your denture is cracked or a tooth has fallen out, we will need to rectify these problems in our lab because specific technology is required. Generally, we are able to perform most adjustments when we are with you in the operatory; it’s all contingent on the type of adjustment needed.

Avoid adjusting your own dentures

Do not adjust your dentures yourself. Over-the-counter products like glues and other specialized adhesives are packed with chemicals that you don’t want in your mouth. Furthermore, stay away from any do-it-yourself denture repair kits that claim to be safe because you risk damaging your dentures completely. You should always let us know if you need adjustments and we will take care of them for you.