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Denturists: We are your denture experts

When replacing your teeth, it is important to go to a professional who possesses a deep understanding in the subject. A Denturist is an expert in the design, construction, fitting and modification of complete, and removable partial dentures, as well as dentures on implants.

What can you expect from a Denturist?

Denturists practice Denturism – the practice of making, altering, relining and repairing removable and fixed dentures, directly with patients. Denturists are involved in the denture process from START to FINISH – from performing the initial examination with the patient, to fabricating the denture, to inserting the final product.

Fabricating a new denture takes several appointments.

  1. During your first visit, the Denturist will perform an examination and obtain you medical and dental history. A set of impressions will be taken to start the design process.
  2. Your second visit is a ‘Bite’ appointment. Wax denture bases are used to find a relationship between your gums and to determine your correct bite.
  3. Your third visit is known as the ‘Try-In’ appointment. You will get a chance to see the arrangement of your teeth, prior to the insertion, to get an idea of how your smile will look. Once you and the Denturist agree, the teeth are set and finished in acrylic.
  4. This is the final ‘Insert’ appointment! Your dentures are inserted, and any necessary adjustments are made.

It is recommended that patients get their Dentures relined every 1-2 years, and get new dentures every 5-6 years.

A new smile will improve your appearance, self-confidence and your health!

Denturists, your reason to SMILE ☺