Does my diet change after dentures?
Like speaking, eating will require practice. We recommend you cut your food into small pieces and chew slowly using both sides of your mouth simultaneously as you adjust to your dentures. Start with soft foods and gradually work your way up to harder items. Foods with sharp-edged bones or shells, foods that are sticky and hot foods should be avoided while you learn to eat with your dentures.
How many denture check-ups do I need?
We recommend yearly denture check-ups for our patients. However, some people require more than one yearly checkup. It depends on the patient and the state of their mouth.
How much do denture implants cost?
Implants are the ultimate way to replace missing teeth. As such, the cost of the procedure is typically more expensive than standard or partial denture options. Since every mouth is different, please contact us directly to speak to an expert about a personalized quote for your denture implants.
What type of denture implants are there?
Denture implants can come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Most are made of titanium and are placed inside the jaw to replace a tooth root. Call us today to speak to an expert about the best solution available for you.
What if I have a denture implant emergency?
If you require immediate attention for your dentures, please call us at the number below and we will work to resolve your emergency as soon as possible.
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