6 Denture Cleaning Tips

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Denture Care

Most people don’t connect their mouths to the rest of their bodies, however, there is growing evidence linking periodontal disease to other diseases in the body. Bacteria from the mouth can easily travel through the blood steam, and increase the risk for strokes, heart disease, and respiratory disorders. Proper denture care is not only important to extend the usable life of dentures, but it also contributes to a healthy mouth!

Here are 6 tips to cleaning dentures correctly:

  1. Remove dentures before cleaning
  2. Rinse your mouth and dentures after eating
  3. Brush daily
  4. Acquire a denture brush
  5. Soak dentures in a denture solution
  6. Secure a clean and safe container

Applying the above denture care tips daily will ensure good oral health and overall wellness.

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