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What is Fixed Teeth in a Day?

It is a one day procedure where failing or missing teeth are replaced with dental implants (a minimum of four dental implants are placed into the top or bottom jaw). A temporary bridge is then fitted to the implants later that same day.

What are the advantaged of Same-Day Teeth?

Patients can have a brand new flawless smile same-day! This procedure ensures that patients don’t ever have to spend even one day without teeth. The temporary bridge remains in place while the implants fuse with the jawbone, and is designed to help speed up the healing process.

Best of all – you can eat and be free from dentures on the day of implant placement. The temporary teeth are then replaced with a permanent restoration three to six months later, after the healing period is over.

A great alternative to conventional dentures

Unlike dentures, fixed teeth will not move in the mouth, and are unlikely to need any relining or adjusting over time.

The key to this procedure is in the strategic placing of the implants themselves. Using advanced CBCT scanning technology, the Dentist will find the strongest, thickest part of your jawbone and place the implants there.

Additionally, the surgical guides will make the implant placement predictable and very precise.

Are you a suitable candidate? 

If you are living with uncomfortable, loose dentures, which are affecting the quality of your life, then fixed teeth in a day could be an option for you! You may also be suitable for treatment if you:

–  Don’t have teeth remaining
– Have a failing bridge and don’t like the thought of wearing dentures
– Suffer from severe periodontal gum disease and tooth loss
– Want fixed teeth
– Limited to eating soft foods because of loose or ill fitting dentures

Call us today!

It is important to note that same day teeth are not suitable for everyone. Call us today
(403) 475-3330 to see if this alternative denture option is right for you! Our initial consultations are always FREE. You can also send us an email to We’d love to hear from you and help you get your smile back! 

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    Hi Janak, thank you for your comment. We would be happy to help you with your implant denture needs. Please give us a call at 403-475-3330 or send us an email to: Our consultations are free and the Denturists can go over the various implant treatment options with you, and the cost.

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    I am senior citizen aged 73 years. I want to have implant dental.