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There are many misconceptions about dentures. One misconception is that dentures will last forever. While dentures are durable, they are not any more permanent than a pair of eyeglasses. Even with proper care, dentures can lose their natural appearance and chewing ability due to brushing and age. They can become warped or dry out if placed in hot water. Dropping them even a few inches can break a tooth or the denture base.

To help increase the lifespan of dentures, try placing them in a container with a denture cleaning solution overnight. Remember that you will still need to brush them. We recommend you use a brush designed for dentures as well as a denture cleaner rather than toothpaste, as it may be too abrasive for dentures.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your dentures? Here are a few signs to keep in mind:

(1) Your Dentures Feel Loose or Are Falling Out
(2) You’re Having Difficulty Speaking Clearly
(3) Your Dentures are Causing You Discomfort
(4) Your Dentures Are Damaged Or Discolored

Most insurance companies as well as the Alberta Dental for Seniors Program cover the replacement of Dentures every 5 years. If you are not sure if your dentures can be repaired, or if you’ll need to replace them with a brand new set, simply give us a call. Our consultations are always FREE. Our Denturist will examine your mouth and your dentures, and help you understand all of your options for denture repair and replacement.

Get started by contacting us today! 

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