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[ SLEEPING WITH DENTURES? ] A frequently asked question is whether it is better to sleep with dentures in or out? 

We recommend that patients take their dentures out at night when they go to sleep, to give their gums a rest. 

Studies have shown that wearing dentures at night increases the risk of disease, such as pneumonia. There is also higher risk of gum inflammation, issues with oral hygiene, and tongue plaque. Leaving dentures overnight can lead to bacteria build up and issues with infection, so it’s best to avoid it if you can. 

Remember to always brush and clean your dentures prior to going to sleep. You want to ensure that all plaque or bacteria that is on your denture is removed. An easy denture cleaning routine should consist of the following:

(1) Brushing your dentures to clean them

(2) Soaking your dentures overnight in warm, but not hot, water.

(3) Rinsing your dentures in the morning prior to putting them in your mouth. 

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