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Dentures vs. Implant Dentures which denture is right for you

There are various options for replacing missing teeth. Dentures are a great tooth replacement, and have been for many years, dating back to 2500 BC, as per the history of Dentistry. The earliest dentures are found in Mexico, and believed to be made from the teeth of wolves. While conventional dentures work well for most people, modern technology and access to state-of-the-art materials has presented us with implant dentures. Which is the most innovative and apt solution for loose or ill-fitting dentures.

What are the top 4 benefits of Implant Dentures? 

(1) Keeps Your Jaws Healthy – implants prevent bone loss and gum recession, which is a common problem with dentures

(2) Provide Greater Function – implants provide greater stability in your jaw and help restore 90% of your chewing function vs. 20% with dentures

(3) Provide Greater Stability – dentures tend to move unexpectedly in the mouth, whereas implant dentures are secured so shifting is not an issue

(4) Long-Term Solution – if you keep your mouth and teeth healthy, implants can hold on for 20 years or more

There are many benefits to implant dentures, however, they are not for everyone. To be a candidate, you need to have healthy bones and gums, as implants will need to secure properly to the jaw. Additionally, the cost of implant dentures is higher than dentures, which is a cheaper option.

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