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YYC Denture Clinic Final Partial Dentures Impression

You had your denture consultation and you have decided to proceed with fabricating a new partial denture. Great! What’s next? Taking impressions. In order to construct a well fitting denture that fits your mouth perfectly, the Denturist will need to take impressions of your mouth.

What does that entail?

  • The Denturist will select a dental impression tray that fits your mouth and oral structures.
  • Next, the tray will be filled with impression material, which starts out as semi-solid, and inserted into your mouth. Once the material sets it becomes rubber like solid. This typically takes 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the material.
  • Once the tray is removed from your mouth you will be able to see the imprints of your dentition and oral structures. How cool!

Preliminary Impressions

Depending on your treatment plan, the Denturist may take more than one set of impressions. Preliminary impressions are taken to begin treatment. They are then used to create custom trays for final impressions.

Final Impressions

Final impressions are taken using highly accurate impression material. This results in much more accurate impressions in comparison to the preliminary impressions. The image displayed here is of final impressions for partial dentures.

Once final impressions are taken, the Denturist will create a model for that impression. The model will then be sent to the lab, which will fabricate a customized cast metal framework. This framework will reinforce the acrylic and give the partial denture additional strength.

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