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Calgary denture repair - why do my dentures keep breaking?

[ BROKEN DENTURES ] At YYC Denture Clinic we see a lot of different kinds of broken dentures, often requiring immediate repair. The portion of the denture that often breaks is the denture acrylic – the pink part of the denture that replaces the natural gums. Although acrylic is durable, it weakens over time and the stress of constant eating eventually causes the denture to crack or break in half.

My Dentures Broke – Can I Glue Them Together?  

While many people try and glue their dentures back together, we don’t recommend it. There is no glue on the market that is safe to use in your mouth. Additionally, the glue may cause further damage to the denture or to the tissues of your mouth.

Our on-site lab is fully equipped with state of the art technology. And depending on the repair, we can have your denture fixed in as little as 30-45min.

When Should I Replace or Repair My Dentures?

There are other reasons why dentures may need to be repaired or replaced, and some of these may come as a surprise to you. Lets review them below:

The four legged furry family member. For some particular reason, dogs love to chew on dentures, so keeping them in a safe place is crucial. When you’re not wearing your dentures, keep them in a denture bath.

Losing dentures in hospitals and nursing homes. We see this one a lot as well. The best advice we can give is to permanently label your dentures. This way, if they are found, they can be returned to you, instead of sitting in a box full of unclaimed dentures. We have a special machine that labels our dentures, and for a little extra cost it creates a big peace of mind.

There are a lot more stories we can share, so if you’re interested, drop by.

We Would Love to Talk With You And to See Your Beautiful Smile!

If you need your denture repaired, or simply want to consult with our Denturist, don’t hesitate to give us a call (403) 475-3330. You can also reach us by email smile@yycdentureclinic.ca or schedule your FREE consultation through our website. 


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