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yyc denture clinic tooth shade selection

Selecting the perfect tooth shade for dentures requires skill and experience. At YYC Denture Clinic we have a large range of tooth sizes, shapes, lengths and colors. When fabricating dentures, the Denturist will select a tooth shade that compliments your appearance and provides the most natural look for you.

If you have natural teeth remaining, the Denturist will consider their shade and ensure the teeth selected for the partial denture match your existing teeth.

Your skin tone and age also play a role in denture aesthetics. Generally, lighter skin tones benefit from lighter tooth shades, while darker skin tones benefit from slightly darker shades. Additionally, with age, our teeth naturally darken. Hence, selecting very white teeth for a mature person might make it obvious that they’re wearing dentures.

We like to involve patients in the smile design process. The Denturist will select your ideal tooth shade, but will always ask for your feedback. We also often ask our patients to bring photos of themselves, highlighting their smile. This helps the Denturist gain a better understanding of how your natural smile looked like, and will aid us in fabricating your denture.

Prior to your dentures being inserted, we have you come in for a try-in appointment. This will allow you to see how your dentures will look like prior to them being finalized. If you feel that they are not the right shade, size or shape, we will correct them to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

At YYC Denture Clinic patient satisfaction is of outmost importance to us. When you smile, we smile 🙂

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